Ryan Bourg’s edits aka Cyber Simulation are always well put together. Once again, he succeeds in depicting the premises of Lyon in the most beautiful way. Matisse Banc occupies a significant but highly deserved amount of screen time given his prowess.

With Such as, Matisse Banc, Sofiane Ouertani, Paul Jacot, Mika Germond, Clément Jourdan, Swan Ducrat, Mael Vaudrant, Flo Mallet, Gabreil du 774, Come Magnard, Arthur Fontis, Arthur Longeon, Simon Depley, Adam Gott, Victor Pellegrin, Léoni Foucan, Fred Ploque Santos, Matisse Banc, Enzo Morel, William Breske, Abel de Lille, Guillaume Colucci, Quentin Janier Dubry.


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