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The Avp of the Primitive video “Define” was held in Paris last Friday and part of the team was there. The video is incredible, it is the result of a collective work, of passion, produced under the artistic direction of Alan Hannon.
We had the chance to chat with P-Rod and JB Gilet. For more details on our discussions with these two legends, it happens below!

Hello P-Rod, how are you?

Hi, I feel great. Really happy to be in France and proud to introduce the world to our latest video project.

Why is it really important for you and Primitive to produce a full length and come and present it personally?

I think it’s a great moment for the team and the brand as well as for the people and the kids. I remember, when I was younger, I went to attend skate video premieres and I still do today. The premieres are truly an important event for the life of skateboarding and its social aspect. I was at the premiere of “Define” in Los Angeles, but I couldn’t go to Montreal and Tokyo, because the dates were too close and the cities too far away. I chose to go to Europe instead. So I was in London yesterday and in Paris today. Also, full lengths are so important for the team, it’s the opportunity for us to show that we are still there. They bear witness to our contributions to the history of skateboarding by showing the best of what we know how to do. For Define, there were tricks that I wanted to film, but couldn’t due to injury. Almost all of us were injured during the filming.

What was it like to launch the Primitive brand in its early days and how do you balance your life between skateboarding and entrepreneurship?

I skate every day. Not this time in Europe because I’m going back to Los Angeles tomorrow. It’s the first time I’ve come here and not skated. Everything came out of passion when it came to the beginnings of Primitive. I felt it inside of me in my body and my soul. I had to do it. Even though I am involved in every business decision, I have support from my business partners and that helps me a lot. But starting a brand in skateboarding is super tough. Sometimes you come across situations where you have to make choices between business and skateboarding culture such as having to part ways with employees for financial reasons and selling products online while being careful of our 50 employees while continuing to protect our partnerships with local skate shops.

Regarding the choice of team members, what is your way of proceeding?

Integrating a new member into the team is always a decision of the heart for us. As for JB, he is someone I respect a lot for his entire professional career. When I was a kid, I loved watching his music videos. In the spirit of the BRAND Primitive, we want to pay homage to the skate of today, of the future, but also to history and our influences from the past. JB had a really bad injury while filming the video. Now he is better.

You yourself are a living skate legend, does that push the other crew members to push their limits?

Well, I don’t think so. All Primitive riders work hard. They are already big pushers… And we are above all motivated by our passion for skateboarding.

Do you have a last word to say to the community?

Of course, I want to thank, here in Paris, all the French skaters for this influence they have had on me and for the love they have always given me. Thank you all. It is a privilege for me to present to you our latest video Define, Alan Hannon’s baby.

I left P-Rod with those words and we headed to the screening room. After an hour of film, it is at the exit that I find JB Gilet in the company of Yann Garin who stayed to discuss with us during the interview.

JB Gillet et Yann Garin en grande discussion.

How are you JB? Your part was cut short apparently, but the film informs us that you are starting to find your tricks

Yes listen it’s fine, I’m lucky to have been very well surrounded during my 7 months of injury by a medical team and sports trainers who have done an excellent job of coaching and who are still following me today.

Otherwise as far as the share is concerned, well, there is none. I injured myself during the first weeks of filming. It’s starting to get better and I’m reskating but I’m not 100% yet. In two and a half months, we hope it will skate like before.

So in the absence of a good part in this video you stay very hot for the next one with Primitive?

Yes clearly. Already this one I would have liked to be really in it as a last big part to celebrate 22 years of career. So yeah next. To be seen, or by then, maybe there will be a special part.

Like it was done with Primitive and do you feel good in the team, isn’t P Rod pushing too much sometimes?

Not at all, he is very cool on the contrary. Everyone gives their all of course in any case, it’s skateboarding. Sometimes it breaks like with this ankle. There are screws in there. But I’m going to have them removed, I think for skating, it will be better. When it happened I was attempting a nose slide nollie heel forehead.

Did you find something to occupy yourself during your convalescence?

Yeah, I do voiceovers. There’s a modern dance show about my life around the Pier 7 spot that came out that I’m doing the voiceover in. It was an original experience. This is the Malika Djardi show. And then I also did my physical rehabilitation so that kept me busy.

What is the best pyramid?

To skate? Well, it’s HDV in Lyon, that’s for sure. Otherwise it’s in Egypt, but you can’t skate them haha.

Well, in any case, we wish you to come back very soon and to complete this project of releasing a big part with Primitive! Do you have a last word to add?

THANKS ! Yes of course for skateboarding we are waiting for our news like every Sunday to keep informed!

We then stayed to chat with Yann Garin while some JB fans came to get autographs from him before his return to Lyon. Yann is currently making clips for Nike SB and various video projects. He still skates a bit, but is a little jaded from losing tricks he had trigger like bs tailslide bigspin out. We talked a bit about the spots in the Saint Nazaire region that we both know very well. And then I went back for a little walk in the crowd to meet the skaters who had come to watch the event. Thank you Julio for the organization.


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