REGRESSION by Matias Henriquez B.

Chile regularly offers quality edits. As evidenced recently, the very good METANOIA by Sebastian Jimenez and his Poleshit crew. REGRESSION is an ambitious project that required more than a year of development. Seduced by the video, we had a quick chat with the author Matias Henriquez B.

How would you define your video project?

REGRESSION was thought of as an exercise of internal conciliation, a way of healing the wounds caused by the blows that life constantly gives us. To find a way of navigating the pain and not just circling in the drain. Healing against the odds, when relief never comes despite meditation and endless hours spent searching for it.

This project started one month after the premiere of “REQUIEM,” my first full-length skateboarding video, and it took 14 months to finish it.

Quickly, could you introduce the crew?

There are 25 skaters in this video, most of them from Chile: Benjamin Navarrete, Camilo Robles, Amaru Maturana, and Gabriel Torres are some of them. With the participation of an amazing skater and friend called Juanma Pereira, from Argentina. Also, I had the beautiful opportunity of filming in Santiago for a few days with Léo Cholet from France.

Why is this project important for the Chilean community?

The intention behind this project, like the previous one, has always been to open doors and to create a platform to showcase the talent, passion, and dedication of Chilean skaters, regardless of their social status, position in the national circuit or the numbers in their social networks.

How was it received?

Everyone involved in the project is very proud of what we have done. I am very fucking proud too. Since its premiere, REGRESSION has garnered the attention of international skate magazines, being the first project made by Chileans to appear in Thrasher, Place, Grey, VHS and now you guys.

My pleasure ! What were the difficulties you encountered?

I ran out of money when we were filming, luckily the Cons team manager from Chile approached me to support the project and that helped so much. Aside from the money, I was having a really bad time with my mental health. I was having panic attacks constantly.


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