Meat Stick

Board Culture Exposure 2024

Florida duo Austin Charboneau and DJ have come together again to put together this video project aimed at highlighting their local scene. After the excellent CA$H DUMMIE$, here is the Meat Stick as well as a few words from Austin:

“Just a video of local St. Petersburg FL skaters filmed by me (Austin) and DJ. Dj does all of the editing and music selection so shoutout to him. We’re affiliated with Fullcourt, which is a little skate shop in downtown St. Petersburg. This video and the one before it, Cash Dummies, was filmed on old Sony Hi-8 and mini DV camcorders and our goal with these vids is to appeal to the average skateboarder.

There’s a lot of the spots in the video that were made by our crew, for example at 4″02, that 3 stair Philly step that leads into a brick wall. We hauled that to this abandoned building and just filmed a few tricks over the course of 3 days. We like to keep a spot on fire for a few days and move onto the next one.”

Austin @4vstin
Dj @dj53113r5 
Fullcourt @fullcourtstpete


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