KITTY B – Cinquième Terrasse

The Cinquième Terrasse crew reunited in the KITTY. With Nicolas Gisonno, Lilian Fev, Morgan Katomba, Etienne Chatelain, Quentin Boillon, Axel Thomas, Armand Vaucher, Marca Barbier, Remy Taverira, Val Bauer, Marceau Pigeon, Antoine Plisson, Quentin Dalsiva, Will Samsun, Julien Riou, Ludo Mendez, Tom First, Arthu Myhill, Adrien Chabiron, Valentin Verd, Macéo Moreau, Kevin Oscan, Lilian Ceccon, Tony Rafanomezana, Antoine Raube and Uryann Raudet.

Vans Skateboarding x Alltimers Zahba
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