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UNCENSO-RENNES” is a Rennes video project filmed at the VX2000 over a year through the spots of the Breton capital. And who better to talk about this project? It’s the author Théo Le Guevel:

“I called to a solid crew of about ten guys from different backgrounds (from Nantes to Lille via Lannion and Lorient) so that they can express their talents on the spots sanded by the generations before but also on the new ones that are flourishing all over town for a few months.

It was also an opportunity to discover the world of VX, the difficulties that are specific to it (logging; mechanical breakdowns; reading heads that die in the middle of a deadline…) but also the pleasure of filming with a camera so iconic.
It was a particularly rich experience; long term; which takes out of the comfort of the park-chill session to go on a mission on the spots, get organized, move in the car, the patience to catch the right footage; think about angles, light…

But the satisfaction of seeing your friend tackle the trick we’ve been fighting for for hours in the lens, it’s well worth it! I wanted to propose a rather long project (40mn) as a first project, to mark the occasion, to get into the hard part of the subject; even if it means crashing on certain aspects, but at least I was able to meet the difficulties and learn for the next videos. There are still tons of flaws, and I will be happy to take them on! The next projects precisely, they will be rather individual shares; shorter projects (night video genre; or skate-trip); I’m going to wait a bit before diving into another long vid. And also filming with other guys at VX; there are some of them filming in Brittany and towards Nantes! I would like to dedicate this video to Samuel Lefranc; skater from the video that left us not long ago.”

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