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We went to meet the creators of OllieDay, a brand new Skateshop located in the city center of Nîmes. Located in an atypical place, the shop takes over from Unlimited.

Hi, can you introduce yourself?

Hi Covalsky, the shop is called Ollieday skateshop. It is located at 8 rue Enclos Rey in Nîmes. It results from the association of four long-time friends:

My person: Oualid Mostaka, 31 years old, manager of the structure.
Mathis Deglon, 28, partner.
Charles de Roy, 36, partner.
Cédric Crouzy, 31, partner.

What motivated you to open a shop?

What motivated us to open a shop in the first place is the passion we have had in common, namely skateboarding for many years, but also the closing of the old skateshop which was our landmark for all. : Unlimited skateshop (cedédi to Christophe by the way)

You take over from the Unlimited shop. Are you planning to follow in the footsteps of the shop or are you going to offer something different?

In a sense, we’re taking over from Unlimited entirely, although the name, location and team are changing. We’re following “the same path” as Unlimited by continuing to invest in the local scene and skateboarding in general. And as far as offering something different, it is. Because although we sell the same types of products, we want to favor French brands in the first place!

What products can be found in your shop?

We mainly sell gear and accessories since the opening (1 month). But the store fills up over the days and we now have some wear. Thereafter we will surely offer shoes. The brands we have in store:

Boards: Diligent, Blaze, Finessin, Doble, Collapse, Arkaic.
Trucks: Indy, Venture, soon Thunder.
Wheels: Haze, Sonar, Double.
Bearings: Coalition, Pusher, Pulsar.

As for American and European brands, we will receive some shortly.

Is it a choice to offer local brands?

Yes, the choice to offer French brands in the first place is intended. I sincerely think that we have plenty to do with French brands but the trend obliges (although we are obliged to nothing in life) and as has always been the case, a lot of people will turn to first to Rican brands.

Do you plan to launch a website so that as many people as possible can order your products?

Yes, a website is already in preparation, this will allow as many people as possible to order all the products we sell in store and more. We keep you surprised. But it will serve us mainly as a showcase on the net.

Your shop is located in a rather atypical place: Le Spot which offers street art exhibitions, concerts, etc. Are you going to rely on this to offer events with the spot?

Indeed we are lucky to be located in an atypical place “Le Spot”. In addition, this cultural and alternative place joins in a sense the middle of the skate. Exhibitions are in place and are renewed throughout the year. Concerts also take place there. And for our part, we have already organized video game evenings (skateboarding), screenings when new videos are released. We will continue to take advantage of this atypical place to organize events of all kinds!


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