c’est du poison – Christoph Michele

We can’t thank yt’s algo enough for recommending this little gem to us again. The recipe for “c’est du poison” is simple, friends, a trip to Paris and an ender made at the last minute. .

Christoph Michele: “It was a trip with friends to Paris. I put as many of my friends as possible in a small car and we left. The funny thing is that the last trick was done a few minutes before we were going the first day but paddy didn’t make it so on the day we were going we were like fuck it let’s go again and he ended up doing it! Besides, the video is as much about skateboarding as it is about good times spent with my friends. We all live in different cities and hadn’t seen each other for a long time so it was kind of a reunion 🙂 We also met some great guys there! @mat2pac was truly the best guide in the capital. He knows every spot and is always excited about skating and filming.”


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