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Since June 3, for the second edition, the doors of the exhibition have opened in Lyon, in a new place: the Superposition Tower, offering visitors a total space of 800 m2, spread over three floors.

The space is thus mainly occupied by the works of 15 carefully selected artists, who had to meet only one specific constraint for this exhibition: that each of them express themselves on a “quadriptych”, c ie a panel of 4 boards. On the site of the expo, the organizers will offer thematic conferences and screenings, moments of exchange in the form of round tables and happenings, as well as a shop area and initiation workshops.

The festivities are announced until July 10, a great opportunity to visit Lyon and its must-see skate spots. A great opportunity also to thank the organizers for their investment in this initiative and for the support they bring to skateboarding and artists. The event is collectively proposed by the Superposition association, whose mission is to enhance public space through art, and TheDailyBoard, the benchmark online daily newspaper for skate-art, animated with love and perseverance by the Lyon skater Romain Hurdequint.

Practical information: “Spraying Board”, from June 3 to July 10, 2021 (Wednesday to Sunday), Tour Superposition, 113 Boulevard Marius Vivier Merle, 69003 Lyon. Admission: 3 euros or free under conditions.

Romain Hurdequint, French skate-art expertise

Romain Hurdequint Skate Art 2

The first time I met Romain was in Paris in November 2017 during a charity auction he had organized at the “Fauve” auction house in parallel with the launch of Skate Art, his reference book. .

Romain’s passion for skate art precedes this date of course since his work does not retrace far from 10 years of work of observation and rigorous analysis, careful selections and compilation of several thousand boards, which he presents regularly to the public through his famous blog The Daily Board.

On the skate side Romain practices an original old school street based on no-comply grab fingerflip. He is also a skate-artist himself, in an equally singular style through his creations reflecting his other passion for Greco-Roman mythology. But let him introduce himself…

Questions for Roman:

Age / City / Stance?

32 years old, Lyon, goofy

Another city you’d like to live in?

Between Barcelona and Vancouver, my heart swings. 2 cities with incredible energy!

Who are the skateboarders that you look up to or inspire you in your sport?

Brad Cromer is really the guy who fascinates me the most right now. Ryan Gallant has been getting back to sending wood well since he launched Visit and the one who really blew me away most recently was Chris “Cookie” Colbourn in his final part in Worble III. Otherwise Daewon Song and Chris Haslam will always be the ones who have marked me the most!

Signature Tricks? And fav spot?

Fakie no-comply laser flip, an alien trick that scores no out points but is so beautiful, fluid and fun to throw!

For my favorite spot, in Lyon, I really like the quays of Confluence with its large tables with rounded wheels and for Paris, classic, practical and efficient: Répu.

Export locations of the “Spraying Board” expo?

Last year, we were supposed to take the exhibition to Montreal but circumstances made it impossible. To be honest, nothing definitively validated but it will definitely be abroad.

Theme of roundtables, speakers?

The 1st round table took place last Saturday with the artists Babs, Big Ben, Lucas Beaufort and Kalouf. We spent an hour talking about their artistic creation process, whether on wall, canvas or skateboard.

Thursday, June 10 will take place the round table on The role of temporary occupations & Urban Art with Orbiane Wolff, the co-founder of Superposition, Maxime Cadel of Bouygues immobilier – Urban Era, Cart’1, the co-founder of the Painting festival Fraîche and Harout Mekshian, from the CCO in Villeurbanne. For the last, we come back to the artists where Tang, Spirale, Don Mateo and Poter will explain to us what it is to be an artist in 2021: the difficulties, the challenges and the prospects.

3 favorite artists of the edition

All ! Really, the production this year is amazing. Each artist has transposed his own universe, appropriated the 4 skateboards in his own way, which allows us to have very diverse and quality works.

Who are the introductory workshops for? From what age can one initiate?

The initiation workshops are aimed at young and old. As long as you can hold a chisel (even with a round tip) or a marker, you are welcome to take advantage of the initiation workshops. The next one is on the customization of spray paint, the next one on skateboards and we are also doing one on creation by gluing on worn boards.

After “Spraying Board”, what skate-projects in the pipeline?

A long-term project but which is particularly close to my heart, starting on the writing of the book Skate Art II. Then, more as an artist, create new skate works for the new edition of the European Custom Board.

And we are thinking about creating new products around skateboarding and art via the brand that I co-founded with the artist Keflione: Tigerclaw Supplies. I have other things on the go but it’s still too early to talk about them!

Where to drink a good Lyonnaise beer?

At Ninkasi of course! A Lyonnais standard bearer of good beer, which has been brewing its own beer since its very beginnings and which can be enjoyed in their bars or directly on the terrace or in the garden of the Spraying Board exhibition.

Acknowledgments / dedications?

A huge thank you to Lisa, Lionel, Maïlys and Orbiane as well as to the whole Spraying Board family!

Photos by Lionel Rault.


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